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Your here because your bored or just dossing from work with your fellow workers in grime.

so what is this site about then well lets have a chat about scaffolding, it all started years ago when some idiot decided to build something bigger than his mate and then thought bollocks I cant reach…How am I going to get up there “lets make a scaffold” he said. The rest is history.

Today the would has changed and fortunately for the Scaffolder’s of this world we have the internet and web sites like this that we can fill with all the stupid shit that Scaffolder’s get up to.

The site is divided into 2 main areas, the first area is for the sensible lot among you that wants news, scaffolding ┬ájobs, innovation’s and useful stuff that you can relate to and appreciate.

The second area will be for the not so sensible out there that wants a bit of fun and wants to see what the scaffolding world has to offer, the Mad Scaffolds the crazy Scaffolder’s and the downright stupid of this world. Here you can slag each other off and just take the piss with no holds barred and certainly no moderation just fun.

So what ever your scaffolding would wants you will find it here…..